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Hello Casper.

Sorry to hear you had a misunderstanding about up-front capital. This is a key point with NEIS and to advance with your participation, your business plan has to show that you are able to source the funding required to get going. It’s always been this way through the 27+ years life of NEIS.

But DES is new to NEIS so there are probably a number of DES providers who aren’t aware of these details.

James has already put you onto the NAB Microenterprise Loans, and some other banks now offer similar services. We also picked up this article last week about “Many Rivers” microfinance, which we’d not heard of before:

You do NOT need to go through any private enterprise to give you information about government grants. Your money is already tight, and all the information they charge you (a lot) for is already freely listed on business.gov.au at this link:

If you have difficulty accessing any of that due to your impairment, try calling the Small Business Support Line (another Australian Government service) on
1800777275 or via http://www.ausindustry.gov.au/programs/small-business/sbsl/Pages/default.aspx. They have an excellent service.

Another route for assistance is to talk with your local Business Enterprise Centre (BEC). These are community services partially funded by the Government to help small businesses. Many of them are also NEIS providers and many provider free or inexpensive assistance to start-ups.

You can find your local BEC through this link: http://beca.org.au/

Hopefully one of these options will win through for you, because NEIS really is a great solution for financial independence for people with all sorts of disabilities. The “positive outcome rate” is only a little below that for everyoine else.

Cheers, the NEIS team.