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NEIS Team, post: 157048 wrote:
You do NOT need to go through any private enterprise to give you information about government grants. Your money is already tight, and all the information they charge you (a lot) for is already freely listed on business.gov.au at this link:

Great to see this from an official source – I will go a step further, because as a private person I can ;)

Casper – That paid link is a website charging money for information that is completely freely available on the link posted by the NEIS scheme.

I tend to be the inbox of choice for people that know me for spotting scams and frankly any website charging for freely accessible information without adding value are doing nothing for the money they earn i.e. they are borderline scammers.

I hope you didn’t spend money on them, Casper. If you did, then get a refund.

Either way, follow the NEIS Team’s link :)

good luck in your venture and keep us informed of your progress :D