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Casper The Savannah Cat, post: 157424 wrote:
I’m sorry to say but I did & it was $247.00 I wrote them a email In relation to this & I wrote:

To whom It may concern, I’m writing to you In regards to the package I was sent & I’m very disappointed with it’s content & It doesn’t justify the $247.00 cost, It has come to my attention that you are acting Illegally by charging people to find out about government grant Information I was made aware of this by contacting a government hotline when I was inquiring about grants & your site came up during the conversation.*

With this In mind I’m requesting a full refund of what was taken out of my credit card account.

I look forward to a response In relation to this matter.

Kind Regards

My Name

There actually had the decentcy to write back to me & there e-mail reply was:

Dear My Name,

The $247.00 inc GST fee is for a Grant Directory.
The purpose of this Directory is to provide our clients with full access to funding over a 12 month period along with all means to proceed through application.

Sorry to be facetious, but according to their wording – they sold you a directory? You own it now? Riiight

The Guide compiles the current grants from both Government and Private sectors and updates via PDF (monthly) to keep you in the loop of any changes or newly released grants.*bla bla bla

Not once did they say they would (under the REQUIREMENTS of consumer law) offer you a refund.

If they don’t – go to your bank – but give them another chance to do the right thing first.

Sorry, but I know of at least 4 clients (first hand experiences) who have used it with no appreciable benefit over the grants normally available.

Politely insist on your money back