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I read this post previously on FS: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/forums/sales-marketing/22861-money-back-guarantees.html specifically this little snippet by Shout Out Digital:

I have read many threads about this subject over the last year and obviously the tactic depends on your service or product that you offer.

The one tactic that stood out for me was one guy who said he received more sales when he offers a lifetime money back guarantee rather than just 60 days which of course is obvious right BUT what stood out was the fact that he said over the past 2 years, he never got an increase in customers asking for their money back which meant he greatly increased his profits. He said that as long as the customer was happy, then they are never going to try and cheat you because this is a hassle for the customer to email/phone you, then maybe argue with you and wait for the money back.

I think this could refer also to yourself and your business. If your customers are wealthy, do you think they will try taking advantage of this money back if you are providing a good service or product.

I hope my blurb was helpful and good luck with your future developments, Neil

And it changed my opinion of guarantees. I now offer a lifetime redesign guarantee. In my industry authors can often feel hesitant to contact a designer because so much interpretation and trust is involved. By giving this guarantee the author starts on, what they feel is, much more solid ground.