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Tessa Hartnett
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Hi Raj,

I am happy to help with importing and suppliers, I was Alibaba.com’s Australian ambassador last year and spent a good part of the year talking to small business owners at retail conferences about this. Feel free to email questions through to me. Some of the big tips would be:

– check you have customer base first (keyword research)
– get a small sample of stock and test the product quality
– only use PayPal or Escrow to make payment at first
– contact a least 10 potential suppliers and build up a relationship through a list of small questions before you go ahead and order. You will get a really good feel for what suppliers you want to move forward with based on their response time and actual responses.
– order samples from at least 3 suppliers as not all of them will live up to your expectations.

I would register a business name, when you know you are going ahead with the business (after you have tested the product).

This forum is also full of great business owners that have heaps of tips.

Hope this helps :)