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You really want to dig deeper and find out what you were ranking for before (pages/keywords) and what you lost. It may give you a clue on what parts of the website caused your problem.

Panda is about content quality. One of the first thing I check on an ecommerce site is if the product descriptions are original or just copied from the manufacturer. If a high percentage of your website is not original then why should Google send people to it? So Panda may weed out those sorts of websites.

I did a quick test on yours. I Googled a phrase from one of your products: “A very cute wall decal for decorating a nursery.” (keep the quotes). It seems in your case you are the originator for descriptions which are copied by resellers. And shopwiki is mass duplicating that phrase.

You’re not doing anything wrong but Google might have got the wrong end of the stick and decided you were a copier and started sending people to your resellers instead. And this may have caused Panda to switch on.

Another possible Panda attractor is to have pages where most of the content is the same. e.g.


And what looks like loads more products using mostly the same description. I’d suspect that is more likely the cause of a Panda penalty. Mas internal duplication with little original content on each page.

It’s a common problem and hard work to solve. You need lot’s more original content for each product.

To avoid the dealer duplication you could provide dealers with alternate descriptions and let them fight a seperate battle.

The good news is that the Panda algo is being moved into the main algo so will be more of a real-time update instead of occasional. This means you should see improvements faster.