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As my online biz sells jewellery, for the most part it remains unscathed – the vast majority of items are very light in weight and also flat to mail. However, as I was just reassessing stock lines, a number of them have been discontinued altogether now because of this latest increase, as the prices required for postage just make them nonviable.

Whilst the Aussie market remains largely untouched for me, I think my problem will be attracting new overseas customers. My current customers are paying, in part, for great service – but they know my business already. Getting new customers now will be just that bit harder. None of my products are over $30 to purchase, with the vast majority under $20, so paying an equal amount for tracked postage overseas is ridiculous.

Jewellery isn’t really something you can sell in 2’s and 3’s, so for the most part I’ll just wear the extra cost if I need to.