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Hi all,

The ‘glass is half full’ in me can’t help but take a slightly different look at this (although I completely agree that it’s a rough deal increasing prices overnight by 30%)

Using MinzBeadz as an example, I would suggest investigating with your shopping cart/developer about including options for extra purchases through the checkout steps. Businesses like GoDaddy and VistaPrint are masters at this. You buy 250 business cards and then they offer you a business card holder at a reduced rate, then they offer you a customised pen, then they offer you priority postage.

I’d suggest looking at adding recommended additional purchases to your checkout step. If the customer is buying a beaded necklace, offer them a beaded bracelet with free postage or offer them to buy another for a friend with 10% etc. Advertising such as ‘Beat the Postage Price Hikes’ etc might work well and help you get the message across to your customers about what you’re going through as a business. Customers buy from you because of trust so if you’re honest with them then hopefully the price rises won’t be a huge hit to your business.