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Khalid Adam, post: 157170 wrote:
You’re using a high threshold 1 step marketing instead of a low threshold information marketing ad.

1. Don’t offer your service. Offer free information. It’s like asking for a date straight up.

2. Don’t get them to call you (because most won’t). They can call a free recorded message or website link that offers more information in exchange for their contact details.

3. Send information over a few days, weeks because only 3% – 7% of your market is ready to buy now. The rest will buy in time which will lower your cost per lead and boost your profit per lead.

4. notice i’m not recommending a particular media? It’s because you’re message is not resonating with your audience. Taking the same ineffective message to another media will produce low or no results. Your problem is the message.

5. Address the motivation of someone who wants to quit. i suggest you speak to people who did quit smoking and ask them what they really wanted to gain or regain from quitting.

6. Don’t fall for the advertising lies. Repetition only works if the ad works the first time. An ineffective ad that is published 10 times will still hurt response. Imagine going to a corporate job interview with shorts and a singlet. Wearing the same for 10 other interviews is unlikely to get you a job.

7. The best copywriters use NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, to create persuasive ads.

Can I say first of all, that I do respect you analysis – but I’d love to see the Ericksonian model as applied to advertising. I consider myself an expert on the Ericksonian therapeutic model and it has no place in advertising. A horrible distortion of NLP perhaps, but not Erickson. But that’s just my view as a therapist. I’m not a marketer.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, your idea of offering free information, well, my website is full of free information and the URL is highlighted in the advert, yet no return from that. So, with respect, for my business I can’t see that working.

I see what you are saying about my message not resonating with my audience, and I think that is valuable advice, thank you. But if someone doesn’t want therapy then surely, they don’t want therapy? It’s like me looking through the classifieds, I’m really only going to do that if I have a reason for doing so, and if I’m looking for a plumber then I’m not going to look for a therapist.

You asked why do my patients want to stop smoking, well, that’s information I do have:

  • Health Reasons
  • Cost
  • Socially unacceptable
  • As a means of getting to see a therapist for a.n.other issue (surprisingly common)

I have to say I hate the thought of being pigeon-holed as someone who only works with smokers, that really does get to me, it’s such a negation of training and talent. Unlike the majority of ‘therapists’ in Australia I have three years of training at the highest level and 17 years of experience, the top level of Clinical membership with the AHA and the BSCH. Yet here, joe bloggs comes along and sets up shop in Rockingham and charges a fifth of my prices. Maybe that’s the real reason.

I need to get away from this low level market. Personally, I want to be working in the city with office workers and mid and high level management, but I can’t afford a city office which I think is crucial. So I’m stuck down here, miles from the city being a bottom-feeder.

Totally disheartening.

Thanks for your insights though, appreciated.