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mesmer, post: 157172 wrote:
Now that we’ve got that out of the way, your idea of offering free information, well, my website is full of free information and the URL is highlighted in the advert, yet no return from that. So, with respect, for my business I can’t see that working.

Just as my observation – your URL didn’t register to me when I looked at your ad. I read your above comment and went “did it?” – then had to go back and look again. Maybe there is a way to make the URL stand out more (maybe it registers as just a border to the ad the way it is now???). I’m not a marketer – just my personal experience with your ad.

mesmer, post: 157172 wrote:
I have to say I hate the thought of being pigeon-holed as someone who only works with smokers, that really does get to me, it’s such a negation of training and talent. Unlike the majority of ‘therapists’ in Australia I have three years of training at the highest level and 17 years of experience, the top level of Clinical membership with the AHA and the BSCH. Yet here, joe bloggs comes along and sets up shop in Rockingham and charges a fifth of my prices. Maybe that’s the real reason.

I need to get away from this low level market. Personally, I want to be working in the city with office workers and mid and high level management, but I can’t afford a city office which I think is crucial. So I’m stuck down here, miles from the city being a bottom-feeder.

It sounds like you are chasing a market and a service that you just don’t want to be involved in – and unfortunately this sometimes somehow gets communicated to “the universe” and makes it seem like everything is conspiring against you (been there, done that). What does excite you? What do you want to do? You obviously have great experience & knowledge and perhaps highlighting this in some way would be of benefit to you.

You’ve said that you can’t set up in the city yet – but is it feasible to offer a mobile service? Could you go to your clients instead of them coming to you?

As another alternative I know in Melbourne and Brisbane there are often places advertising rooms for rent (short-term and maybe only a few hours per week) in consulting suites – is there really nothing like this in Perth? Even if you worked out of a series of places to begin with at least it might give you access to what is clearly your ideal client.

Anyway – all that is just my thoughts (and I’m no expert) but I hope it has been of some help to you. It sounds like you’re getting to the end of your tether and I hope you can hold in there as I’m sure this phase will pass.

Good luck!