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WhatsThePlanDan, post: 157209 wrote:
Just as my observation – your URL didn’t register to me when I looked at your ad. I read your above comment and went “did it?” – then had to go back and look again. Maybe there is a way to make the URL stand out more (maybe it registers as just a border to the ad the way it is now???). I’m not a marketer – just my personal experience with your ad.

Funny, I had the same experience.

That said, even if I did see the ad (and not the URL), I’d head straight to Google to find out more anyway.

Having looked at your site, one of the pages I visited was the FAQs page – after all, I don’t know much about hypnotherapy, so I wanted to find out more. Unfortunately I found the first questions quite off-putting. You don’t bulk-bill, nor can I claim costs through my health insurance. And you don’t do home visits.

That’s a lot of negatives in a very short space (also, the fact that you’re bound by the BSCH doesn’t really mean much to me here in Australia).

Given many people can received subsidised treatment through their GP, they might decide they’re better off to stick with more traditional treatments that they can claim back. Perhaps you need to better outline the value of your treatment.

If a pack of cigarettes costs $10 and someone is smoking a pack a day, that’s $70 p/week in cigarettes. If your treatment costs $300-$550 (depending on which therapy they choose), the cost of becoming a non-smoker is paid off in 4-8 weeks, giving that person well over $3,500 extra in their pocket each year PLUS all the associated health benefits.

Now isn’t THAT worth investing in?

Especially if you can virtually remove symptoms of withdrawal and eliminate the desire and want for cigarettes.

It may be that people have been reaching your site, but not really being convinced that what you have to offer is any better than what they can get from their GP. I think there’s plenty you can do to redress the situation.