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WhatsThePlanDan, post: 157212 wrote:
Hi Lee,

Just had a quick look at your site – might have to keep an eye on that. I’m in the process of building my website (can’t afford to pay anyone to do it at the moment :( – other bigger fish to fry with my tiny budget!). I have to say it is giving me a lot of respect for the good web designers and copywriters. Even though it is a thousand times simpler than the days when I used to build sites using HTML (and tables nested in tables, nested in yet more tables :rolleyes: ) it is still mind-boggling the shear number of little things you need to think about (how should this look/read/flow, what colours should I be using, will this be SEO friendly (and for that matter what keywords do I target)) and boy is it a lot more time-consuming than I anticipated. Oh well, we do what we must to make ends meet don’t we!


Hi Daniel,
Really appreciate your comments. I’ve discovered one of the drawbacks of a solo online business is a distinct lack of feedback, so its nice to know we are all experiencing the same things.
Any other comments on the site greatly appreciated, or better still (shameless plug) do it on the site itself, you can then officially take the title of being the first commenter:D)