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I can only imagine how busy you have been lately :)
Coincidentally another thread has popped up today discussing the postage increase.

I have not increased my fees within my business before – and, thankfully these sorts of increases don’t really impact my business so not needing to immediately – but can see that a lot of people will need to.

In a past role, I was in charge of drafting and sending a letter out to clients to advise of a fee increase. As a general rule, giving people notice – and allowing them time to ‘get in’ at current fees before they increased seemed to work. In any letter you send, I don’t think you need to spend too much time justifying yourself. Short & Sweet:

– In almost three years you’ve maintained your low fees;
– Unfortunately, with increases to supplies (including with Australia Post) you cannot continue to absorb all the additional costs;
– As of fees will increase by X% or $X;
– Proceed with a new order before X date and receive the current fees still
– Trust you understand and I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Most people understand that businesses need to increase prices from time to time; everything goes up so it’s unreasonable to assume you will make no money in order to keep your fees down.

Plus – as a happy customer of yours already, I for one can say that your fees have always been ridiculously competitive! I am sure they will continue to be even with a price increase!