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illuso, post: 157226 wrote:

I am planning to run online store for ladies accessories and jewellery.
As you are aware, AusPost has increased postage price and this is my biggest concern. Using a parcel to send a pair of earrings (in a box) costs around $6.50 (this is the cheapst flat rate option I can get so far) and this will increase upto $7.50 from 15th April. This will be sometimes more than half price of purchased items and I belive this will make customers heistate to purchase thorugh online.

So..I was wondering what would happen if I post a bubble wrapped pair of earrings in a small or large envelope….as sending as a letter is a lot cheaper???

Any advice would be great, particularly from experience.


John Debrincat, post: 157276 wrote:
Packaging can be a key differentiation and specially with fashion, apparel, shoes and accessories. Reality is that people like receiving the products that they buy packed well. Successful online retailers will go over and above with the packaging of the products as they see it also as a branding issue. So in your case, selling jewellery, I would be very careful not to make the product look cheap when it arrives at the buyer. You need to give a complete experience from the initial buying process to the delivery, packaging and also the follow-up. If you make it special it will help to increase your return buyers.

JohnI agree, I should have mentioned that the products I received was not a fashion product. Whatever you choose, it needs to look great.