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Thanks for the feedback,

I don’t only want to deal with start ups, I look forward to a future of dealing with SME’s, being their “go to” guy for all things branding. Sign Here Graphix is about removing the pain for SME’s to get their branding right.

I have determined that I am not going to pursue the large retail roll out market for a number of reasons, not least that is where every one else seems to be going, and the workload becomes a real strain on recources.

My parents have a saying from the old country, “Small fish are sweet” and I would rather have 1000 clients worth $100 each to me every year, rather than 1 client worth $100,000 once.

My main point is that I just don’t know how to find these people prior to them contacting me. Where are most small business owners looking for what I do?

I still don’t know how to define the business and I invite anyone to provide suggestions, It isn’t just signs, it isn’t just clothing and apparel. How do I describe what Sign Here Graphix does other than saying that we are like Sign-a-Rama, Embroid me and Snap Printing all under one roof?