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Captain Simmo
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The most important question should be what can i do for my potential clients… the best answer that i have discovered is by offering them a solution to there problem.

Any business owner (start up, growth or even established) is interest in one thing only… profit.

Therfore, your marketing should be focused on making your potential clients more profit. Instead of marketing a list of services which everyone does (you are selling a commodity and the only difference will be based on price) you should be offering idea’s and promotions that will either generate more clients or create more profit per sale (cross sell, upsell).

In my opinion, most business owners fall into the trap of thinking everyone knows what they do and what they can offer them. In this crazy economy, people won’t do anything unless they are given the idea with an easy step by step solution that will not only help there business but give them an prompt ROI.

If you are focusing on branding for example… you need to be at the top of your field and target the top 5 – 10% of business that have the cashflow to do a complete branding exercise. For the majority of businesses they will want results and want them now… even though they don’t usually know how to express this effectively… this is what they are after.

Start up’s are great as they usually don’t have a plan… give them guidance, followed by results that creates a viable business for them and you have a long term client.

I look forward to seeing your new website.