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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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So you’re paying people to drop the leaflets and you’ve paid someone to produce / print the leaflets but you expect free advice in regards to having a marketing system that will give you business success?

It’s like paying for the building and pest inspection but expecting the house and land for free.

I have yet to come across free advice (including mine) that will produce meaningful, long lasting success.

To be a lawyer, you need to invest 5 years and you still don’t get a guaranteed job. To be an entrepreneur, you have to invest in yourself as well but the cost is usually 4 figures instead of five, risk free and results occur between 30 – 90 days.

Here’s a couple of tips so i don’t appear too harsh.

1) Generate leads, not clients by offering a lead magnet like a report if they call a recorded number and leave their contact details. then follow up with valuable information over time. Target expensive homes likely to be owner occupied.

2) refer to point 1. it’s a waste of money to go every residential street. every suburb has higher end homes. Just target those streets. Drive down the streets between 5 – 6 pm. If you see unkept premises, with dodgey looking folks (just the book by it’s cover in this case) don’t waste your leaflets.

I’ve shared tactics and hinted at a strategy but if you want business success, you’ve got to invest in yourself or risk wasting valuable time and effort.