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Your business card should include all pertinent contact information. It is a tool to give others the ability to contact you, it is not a piece of marketing material. By the time you are handing over a business card your marketing is over and the sale begins.

Design preference is always personal, but it should match in with any other branding material or assets you have.

I had a client only yesterday hand me a business card with red text, but the website has yellow text and they wanted something different again for signage on their car. This can make things confusing as if you get the website off the car your initial thought may be that you got it wrong.

Keeping things consistent it will help you build your brand in the longer term and make you look more professional in the short term.

Your business cards need to match the signs on your shop/office/factory, which in turn should match your uniforms and your website and anything else you wish to put your name on.