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Sign Here Graphix, post: 157461 wrote:
It is a tool to give others the ability to contact you, it is not a piece of marketing material. By the time you are handing over a business card your marketing is over and the sale begins.

I have to strongly disagree here. Although it shouldn’t be a flashing billboard a business card can and certainly should be a marketing tool. Quite often you will find yourself in situations where you only have time for a handshake and a business card transfer – you want that card to work for you in that instance (example in a large networking event). What about when someone passes your card to someone else they know – don’t you want your card to give them a reason to want to check you out further? I know for the cards I’ve just put together, the front contains all the usual contact details but on the reverse I have put a simple sentence that will (I hope!!) entice the bearer to visit my website and find out more about what we do.

One thing I have learnt from this forum – never, ever, ever miss an opportunity to turn a stranger into a prospect!

Having said all the above though – I completely agree with the rest of your advice.