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Sign Here Graphix, post: 157461 wrote:
Your business card should include all pertinent contact information. It is a tool to give others the ability to contact you, it is not a piece of marketing material. By the time you are handing over a business card your marketing is over and the sale begins.

Hi asmgx and Sign Here Graphix,

Just to add a different viewpoint here, my experience has been the exact reverse of this.

In my marketing consulting and copywriting business I predominantly work with businesses in the natural health industry. Most of my work comes from my industry network or via word of mouth (which, of course is an extension of my network).

My logo and branding for that business has been carefully designed to reflect my specialisation in that niche market as well as my own personality (you can check it out on my website if you’re interested). Whenever I hand out my business card to someone in that industry, it becomes a talking point immediately. When that person is not someone I’ve already done business with, it becomes the STARTING point for my marketing, immediately communicating my expertise and specialisation.

Even though my other business is business-to-consumer (rather than B2B like the one above), the business cards have the same effect. They’re vibrant and quirky, and we’ve purposely designed our branding to have completely different energy and personality to others in our niche market. People always comment, and often head to our website to learn more.

I’m not saying the same would hold true for everyone, but in my opinion, the investment I’ve made in quality design and quality printing and materials for my business cards has been well worth it.

I’ll be interested in other’s thoughts, but in my experience asmgx, it is worth putting as much effort into the marketing and branding angle or your cards as to getting all the right details on them.

Good luck designing yours, and I hope you love what you end up with as much as I love mine!