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Dhow_Aust, post: 157597 wrote:
Hey Jayne, one of the beauty products I am going to try to get into Australia would be a face mask with moisturiser in it and an example of a health product would be a shoe which is designed to balance and improve one’s well-being so I think it would not be anything such as vitamins or supplements. I do have samples which I could provide if required. Anyway, I will check the websites you have provided me with and thanks for the heads-up Jayne.

Hi Kevin,

I think you will still need to do your due diligence on things like the face mask and moisturiser to make sure that it is compliant under the NICNAS regulations. Regarding the shoes, I can’t comment, but suspect that you may not be able to legally make any therapeutic claims for them (e.g. improves balance and muscle strength) unless they are registered with the TGA as medical devices. But this is not my area of expertise. If you end up needing a regulatory consultant, I recommend Robert Forbes and Associates in Sydney.

All the best with it – make sure you let us know what you decide to do!