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Dre, post: 157475 wrote:
Hi guys been pretty quiet and for a while on here business has been booming. I have a question and hoping some one can give me a hit of guidance. I have picked 3 quiet large commercial yard maintenance contracts in the last couple weeks. I my question is to cover my own but should I be carrying Msds sheets for my weed Killers oils etc in the instance that say a safety officer on these sights asks if I have any. And also is there and legislation around this. Cheers Andre

Marold Robinson property maintenance

Yes there is legislation requiring MSDS for materials used in the workplace, if this company is OHS compliant they should ask (demand) to see them. I wouldn’t mind betting you may need a SWMS as well. If they’re switched on, they’ll ask for electrical tagging compliance and a plant register. Also make sure your PPE (personal protection equipment) is appropriate too, e.g. right masks and gloves for the chemicals you’re handling.

Not sure about what you’re doing, but on commercial construction sites you won’t get past the site office without everything in place … this is actually the law pretty much everywhere in Aus (certainly VIC.), it’s just not policed as well in some other sectors … but ignorance of the law wont get anyone off the hook if they get sprung.

Congrats on winning the work, hope it goes well.