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Dre, post: 157475 wrote:
Hi guys been pretty quiet and for a while on here business has been booming. I have a question and hoping some one can give me a hit of guidance. I have picked 3 quiet large commercial yard maintenance contracts in the last couple weeks. I my question is to cover my own but should I be carrying Msds sheets for my weed Killers oils etc in the instance that say a safety officer on these sights asks if I have any. And also is there and legislation around this. Cheers Andre

Marold Robinson property maintenance

You may find that you are rquire by law to carry MSD your chemical supplier should have given you copies when you purchased the chemicals other wise you can download them from their website.
If you are asked for them and cant produce them you will find yourself in a great deal of trouble.
I carry a folder which has the MSD for every chemical I use whether it is in the vehicle or not, and have another folder at my office.
Play it safe, you may never have to produce them, but then you never know do you.