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Couple It, post: 157567 wrote:
In that case, it’s really important to understand what your point of difference will be. If there are already established brands in the market, what will make people buy yours instead? Why would they move to something new? Are the new features going to be enough to persuade them? How will you compete on price?

Great ideas, thanks Wendy.. I’ll be adding these to my list to make sure i can exactly explain why my product will (hopefully) be better

The factory managers will need your drawings and specs and should be able to give you a quote for tooling, a quote per unit for the first small run, and quotes for future, larger production runs. Make sure they specify what their minimum order is as well. You usually have to pay a small fee for any small orders.

Happy to PM you details of my manufacturer if you’d like.

That’d be great if you could PM through the details. Thank you!