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Hi Ange,

Fashion e-commerce in Australia is already very competitive so a new one should at least have a point of difference. I’ve seen too many people i know that managed to set up an amazing e-commerce website (yep, Bigcommerce or custom built for a few Ks), but without any interesting offering, poor traffic and hence abandoned a year later. So you should focus on the bigger plan.

Before making the jump, I would be asking myself these kind of questions:
1. Do I have any prior skill, experience or connection that would be useful in starting the business? Is it mostly driven by hobby?
2. Who are going to be my competitor? In Oz, the names that stand out are Asos, The iconic, boohoo etc. Am I targeting myself to be like them? Don’t forget a lot of fashion brands also have their own ecommerce website + competition from ebay sellers esp. from overseas.
3. What is the price point that I want to be in? Do I have enough capital to purchase the stocks to offer enough variety?
4. Am i going to stock existing brands? Is it more beneficial to stock lesser known brand by importing it myself?

Getting some work experience in this area is definitely going to be very useful. Not too long ago the Iconic has a lot of job openings. Also, try to attend some networking event e.g. entrepreneurs event on meetup.com where you could meet people who are also starting up.

Keep us updated with how you go. There are heaps of great resources in FS =)