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HI Johnny

Ok, let me just say something you are probably already thinking that your own stand alone site would more than likely NOT receive the same amount of traffic as the ebay page…

unless, and i am not the expert here, that you spend mega $$$ on SEO and constant maintenance…

Pushing that rock aside, you can still benefit from a direct site and endeavor to funnel business from your ebay site to your own to save the significant transaction fees (although this is against ebays policies and i most certainly do not advocate it) building up your own external branding in the process and to gain repeat customers.

This process could potentially grab:
1. new customers that find your site only (via media, signage on care or just loogling you) which has benefits
2. from regulars on ebay that you start using your domains email with contact information and signatures that subtly point them in your sites directions for re-orders etc etc
3. from new ebay buyers that find your ebay site, then establish a link to your own site reducing overheads payable to ebay.

Look forward to hearing more about your adventures…


ps.. what do you do?

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