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John Debrincat
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macintosh_addict, post: 157550 wrote:
Hi there,

I started my business on eBay a few month ago.

I enjoy using eBay as a platform however the system takes a chunk out of my profit.

So I’m think about establishing own website via Shopify or Big-Commerce. The host and maintenance fees would probably be the same as those of eBay, but I would save on transaction fees.

My main concern is whether I would get the same exposure on a solo site?

Any help would be appreciated.


eBay is a great platform that gets good results and finds new customers for your business and products at a reasonable cost. But the issue you should consider is not eBay v online store it should be multi-channel by that I mean eBay and your online store.

If you choose the right hosted ecommerce solution you will find that it comes with integration directly to eBay so that you can list products from your store and sell on eBay. The sales made on eBay send orders back to your online store. That way you can then sell to those customers directly from your online store and promote recurring business. Over time you move the return buyers to the online store and use eBay to find new buyers.

The right ecommerce solution will also come with the tools to get your SEO working from day one and not have to spend lots of money of SEO consulting. The SEO capabilities vary with different solutions.

Multi-channel also extends to other portals like Google Shopping, Getprice, Shopping.com and Amazon as examples. You can selective choose what you want to list on any or all of the portals available.

Multi-channel is also about selling on any device like a mobile or a tablet.

Shopify and BigCommerce both have many of those features but are USA hosted and supported. Shopify will also charge you a transaction fee on your sales in all but the most expensive plans.

There are many great local Australian hosted ecommerce providers which also have all the features to allow multi-channel like:



iiNet Shopping Carts

eCorner Stores Plus – our own solution

So don’t throw away the value that eBay can bring but use that to help build up loyalty to your own online store and make more money using a multi-channel approach.