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John Debrincat
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ElizabethL, post: 157679 wrote:
Hi John,

Thanks for your reply.

I have actually dealt with the big hosts here and they referred me to US hosts for that reason.

Further, I find my customers are not so keen to use paypal and other similar payment gateways. I also have more problems with them, too.

I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. LOL


Well Elizabeth you have been given some very poor advice by whoever you spoke with.

PayPal represents about 50% of all online payments in Australia and has over 2 million members in Australia. So I really don’t know your customer based but it is definitely not correct that online shoppers don’t like PayPal or similar payment gateways. Actually the opposite is correct and consumers prefer to use online stores that have a payment gateway that is a reputable provider.

So let me repeat for the benefit of others reading this;

1. There are no issues using US$ or any other currencies on the majority of Australian ecommerce solutions.

2. Consumers prefer using sites with a trusted payment provider like PayPal.