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John Debrincat
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ElizabethL, post: 157804 wrote:
Hi, not sure how the likes of Netregistry will appreciate their advice being called poor, LOL ….anyway as already said….we’ll have to agree to disagree.

Cheers Everyone

If Netregistry gave you that advice Elizabeth then the person at Netregistry who did that indeed gave you very bad advice as their own StoreXpress hosted store handles multiple currencies in most of their packages.

So as I have already said the information that you have is incorrect.. You may have been given poor advice but don’t propagate it with others when you know that it is wrong.

You can get shared hosting plans from lots of Australian hosting companies and download open source shopping carts that handle multiple currencies. So not only do most of the hosted ecommerce solutions handle multiple currencies but open source do as well. It has absolutely nothing to do with the hosting company or where it is hosted it is about the functionality of the software.