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kate @ clik clik
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Hi Kit,

Clik Clik works great on iPads (though there is not currently an app for it) but just as a webpage it works great. A massage therapist who uses Clik Clik as her sole booking system only uses her iPad to access it and has already booked over 500 apts since January!

Just wanted to let you know also that Clik Clik in particular is free to use for any bookings you manually enter yourself (eg from over the phone or face to face). There is only a 99c charge when people actually book you through the Clik Clik website. We also have a ‘Make a Booking’ button that can be put into your website so you can get bookings from your website as well (if you have one – if not, Clik Clik can serve as your own website and get you online too!).

Anyway, hope that helps – let me know if I can help in any other way and whichever way you decide, all the very best with your new venture! The beautician I go to is in the back of a hairsalon too and I think it’s a great idea – as when I get the chance to leave the kids and get something done, the more I can do in one visit/location the better!!! :D So I am sure you will be a big success!

Cheers, Kate :)