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PetesPlans, post: 157756 wrote:

I had a similar situation where i did the ABN application when i intended to start a small “hobby” business as a sole trader while still working (full time in my case). I recall there was a question along the lines of “its an offence to have an ABN without intending to run a profitable business”. I answered no to the question (what ever it was). I thought it would reject the application, but it continued with no problem. It sounds like this could be what you are refering to…

I can see why they would ask this question, to stop everyone getting an ABN for some other gain, but they also seem to be more than happy for people like you and i to register an ABN and slowly build a business. It’s worked for me so far, and i haven’t made a single dollar yet (spent a few though!!!).

Hope this helps.


Thank you Pete! Sounds very similar. I appreciate you taking the time to reply