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Hi M,

If you are running your business as a sole trader and are working through your ABN you will be acting as a contractor. Any income you make as a contractor falls under your NEIS business – assuming the work you are doing is related to your business.

That being said there are a few things to be aware of:

  • If you haven’t yet finished the training you technically shouldn’t be earning money from your business. You can get around this by claiming your work is just market testing, which is generally true.
  • Plus any money you do earn will have to be reported to Centrelink and will affect your payment from them.
  • If you already have an approved NEIS business you need to make sure the services you offer through your ABN match up with business, or you need to discuss the changes with your mentor.
  • If you do work through your ABN you need to make sure you don’t earn a disproportionate amount of money through one agency. You may cross-over into a legal area which defines you as an employee of the agency, at which stage you would no longer be earning the money for your NEIS business.