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Welcome to FS.

I think first of all you have to decide, or let us know, what type of commercial cleaning you are doing, or planning on doing.

About 6 years ago, I used to be the Building manager of a printing company and we used to pay a cleaner $1,800 per month to clean the offices and artroom daily (5 days a week and it took him about 4 hours per day). The same service via an agency was going to charge me $2,400 a month (they were contracting the same cleaner), their excuse was that they come out and do inspections, but I decided to go direct and do the inspections myself, since I was there everyday. I also then paid another commercial cleaner to clean the factory on Sundays $1,100 per month and it would take them about 4 hours but they also had to work with a Scissor lift.

They both called themselves Commercial cleaners but they did completely different types of cleaning.

Hope this helps.