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Greg123, post: 157844 wrote:
Thanks guys for your input to my questions.

My question goes to Burgo or whoever can answer it, Burgo said that I will go broke by charging $35 per hour. I think this is the average going rate. The cleaning job will be average work, no polishing etc. What would you charge an hour and when quoting should it be weekly or monthly, because I want bill them every 2 weeks.

Look forward to all that reply.

Many thanks


I was charging $ 35.00 ph 10 years ago.
There are many cleaners out there that willundercut you what ever price you quote so look realistically at your costs, traveling, vehicle, chemicals , equipment, Insurances and any wages, subcontractors and something for yourself.
Last I heard was $ 38.00 ph +
What ever you charge is up to you, no one can tell you what you should charge , but I give you a guide.
Please contact John Laws who can give you a better idea