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Chris – Marketing
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You’re on the right track, I totally agree. Also….. What the biggest problem in Australia for small business is the over Governess. To set up small business now it’s just a job unless you have 50 employees to absorb the initial set up costs and give you a return on your investment. Of course this now means a bigger marketing and development budget and so it goes on to the stage where it is no longer small.
Most FS members would have the capability of earning wages anywhere from $60,000 – $150,000 a year with all the benefits of training, super etc. So if you were only looking at returns for work and investment a small business should gross you $200,000 per annum. The problem is that most small business operators choose Small business as a life style and being their own boss. Once they step in to the business arena they discover the bureaucracy that goes with it. That’s when they knock on my door.
The other problem with small business is that collectively they are the largest employer in Australia but have to address their employee’s needs individually. A small business employing 2 or 3 workers cannot afford and is limited to mediate or assist a struggling employee. So the best option is to employ casuals. This retards progress.
Answer: Government has to change policies immediately.