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Don’t think there is a huge market for mousepads. We have some people in the office that still use them as we have glass desks but me personally just use a sheet of paper.

Here in Taiwan have seen many “mouse pad” factories go out of business in the past five years, due to the shrinking market. Perhaps their is a market their but it isn’t 1995 anymore. Especially with the rise of touch screens and laser mouses people just don’t want another clunky thing on their desk. That being said I was in Ikea the other day and was shocked to still see them selling mousepads. I don’t know maybe they know something I don’t.

We looked at doing laptop a thin microfiber screen-protector/screen clearner/mousepad with a small tastefully embossed logo. I think we could have sold a few we but decided that there were better things to focus our time on.

Who knows maybe if you figure out the right design and appeal maybe you can crack the market.