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laserit, post: 157916 wrote:
I am a small seller on eBay, I used to use Click and send, it is $5.5 for 500g at very beginning and it increased to $6.2 (plus a $0.15 satchel).
I find that it has increased to $7.15 today and that is terrible!!!
increasing almost one dollar!
How can I find a alternative way to post domestic? Normally, my majority products is under 500g and I have around 50 parcel each week. my friend talking about Australia E-parcel system before, and is that cost cheaper?
Is there any one use that before? what is the cost to send an item under 500g within Australia and is it have a tracking?
Thank you for helping me!!! really need helps!!!

Hi There,

I know the recent change is horrible and I’m dealing with the same problem.

Since most of your parcels are under 500g, eParcel won’t be cost-effective as the base rate is high. You only save more with bulky parcels.

The only good part of the reform is that all regular parcels now comes with complementary tracking.

I have got a regular parcel contract with Australia Post, which allows me to send parcels at better rates. HOWEVER as a contract customer I’m NOT allowed to use the new complementary tracking barcode, which I’m really upset about.

I think the best and only solution is to mark up the prices for your customers.