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NickMorris, post: 158024 wrote:
Can’t see how it could help SEO…

Maybe they are doing it for performance tracking.

We have tracking!

JohnW, post: 158043 wrote:
Hi Michelle,
I can’t think of a single reason why you would want to make a visitor click through to a Contact page to see a phone number.

The primary objective of most websites is to generate phone calls and email enquiries. If you make a visitor click a link to see your phone number then your client WILL lose enquiries.

IMHO, you want to design your client’s website so that all the info a visitor wants is available within 3 link clicks. Is your client being fed a line about increasing the number of pages viewed per visit? (If so, GARBAGE, INHO.)

Nick raised an issue I’ve also observed. There seem to be some people who are more concerned with being able to measure Google Analytics than assessing the real issues of Internet marketing and SEO.

PS: You do want to ensure that the client’s phone number is in a “clickable” format. If the phone number is displayed in an image, not text, the visitor will not be able to “tap and call” the client if visiting the page on a mobile phone.

Thanks John, I am having a phone meeting today so everyone’s contribution will be very helpful.

estim8, post: 158044 wrote:
Marginally off topic, but I continually see phone numbers in images, and numbers that are not clickable, it’s no big deal to implement, just a simple HTML tag, admittedly the tag only works on a mobile (it just does nothing otherwise -but you still see a phone number)… but most sites I’ve built for clients are “responsive” and a large portion of their traffic is mobiles … they do get calls … they love it.

A good reminder, about the number, it is so much easier to click and call directly on your phone!

Thanks everyone, I appreciate your comments and feedback.