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cookielicious, post: 158009 wrote:
Thanks for the feedback on my website. I have gained inspiration from many places actually and it’s still a very big work in progress the website.
It is definitely a challenge having 4 children and also my husband works alot from home. So, although flexible, I find as we are in a small house, it can be very hard to get privacy to do the things I need to do.

What is it you intend to start up a business with?

Good luck with it and i’m so glad I found this Flying solo site.

I can only imagine, how do you manage to set boundaries and discipline yourself. Do you have alot of admin involved? Do you have a routine or just go with the day? Set hours?

My passion is the wedding industry. I (personally and from discussions with friends) have found there is not a lot of variety for unique, interesting, non traditional/tacky wedding favours. My issue is trying to find suppliers and legalities that come with that…