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sansamad, post: 158006 wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I am at that precarious ledge before jumping off with my own wings!

I will be importing into Australia an exclusive range from Europe (not clothing) that is perfect for up-market, savvy Menswear stores.

I am on a shoestring budget.

My background is teacher (inbuilt eye for detail and potential), stylist (visual intuition), sales (you do want what I have for you), wardrobe consultant (all about pampering), publishing project manager (tie all the strands together quickly)….now rolling those experiences and learning a ton more to be an Importer!!!!

I know there are a lot of you out there in the Flying Solo hub that have vast amounts of experience!!! What are your suggestions for getting traction with my product??

Looking forward to your sage and practical advice :)

Many thanks,


Hi Sandra,

Talk about a broad question! Best advice I could give would be to ask yourself how you are going to market your product to be something completely different than anything else. There is too much competition out there to try and be better than everyone else (especially on a shoestring budget), so you need to be different than everyone else.

I’d think about carving your niche a little finer, find out where these people are hanging out online and get yourself in front of them! First things first, jump on the Google keyword tool and find out what they are searching for related to your product.

Then maybe do some split testing with some Google ads to see which niche gets the most traction.

Hope this helps, best of luck with it all.