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Divert To Mobile, post: 158076 wrote:
Whats the hurry to bring it by air?
Ship by sea, it takes 2 weeks and about $80 a cubic metre


Steve, it can sometimes be a bit more expensive than that to bring in a small amount by sea — you pay a minimum 1cm2 rate for freight but there are some costs that are not calculated at a cubic metre rate — but are standard, including internal customs clearing, transport and handling fees, custom clearance fees on this end, costs for couriering shipping papers, and paperwork processing charges locally. We recently paid over $1000 (inc.GST/import fees) for a 2 cm2, but a 10cm2 shipment just cost us $1,700. For smaller shipments, its often not worth it sending sea freight. Of course best of all is bringing in container loads — I’m waiting for that day :)