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John Debrincat
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relovedcouture, post: 158068 wrote:
Hi everyone

Lovely to connect!

I’ve developed a good eBay account on eBay selling recycled fashion since August 2012. Prices are quite low but I do make sales.

Now having completed the NEIS program I’m starting my new eco fashion business Re Loved Couture. And my new website http://www.relovedcouture.com.au is launching tomorrow – exciting!

My online store will carry products on consignment mainly while I was reselling my own pieces on eBay. I think it’ll take a bit of time for my website to attract a lot of traffic like eBay, although I’ve been on FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Can anyone in a similar situation advise me how to tackle the issue as to what products to put on my website and what to put on eBay? Or should I post the same products and see what sell first? Having said that I do know my customers a bit on eBay (interstate, regional, fuller sizes).

I want to be able to manage this transition period successfuly so my eBay customers can be converted to my online store customers. I hope it makes sense.

Cheers, Lin

Congratulations and very exciting for you.

My recommendation is to have all your products both on your store and on eBay. If your online store allows you to connect to eBay to manage stock and orders then you should do that. But if not then you will have to try to manage that manually.

You need to convert you recurring customers to your online store. So if you have contact details for your past customers then start by letting them know that you have a new online store.

Use eBay as a marketing engine to drive new business but use your online store to develop a relationship with your customers.

Good luck