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Hi Lin,

What eCommerce software are you using to power your website?

There are some services out there that allow you to integrate eBay listings to your website automatically, which is perfect for starting out.

Basically you just need to create your eBay account and install an add-on or plugin for your website. Then every time you list a new product on eBay a link will be added to your website.

Your website will start to build its own identity (and search ranking) but all the while you are generating sales through eBay. Products on the website will just link off to the eBay sale – no need to worry about inventory management or duplicate sales.

As a tip, if you are going to sell on eBay also make sure you have an outstanding branded HTML template. Ensure it links strongly with the look and feel of your website. That way you are building your brand as you go, and you add an element of trust that most eBay buyers will respond to – if you can instill trust in your buyers on eBay, the sale is half done. Most people pay a premium just to feel safe.