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G’Day Lindsay

Hope you have been well..

Great question…

1. Christmas and the lead up to it: we tend to find due to the value of the items that people are pre-occupied with acquiring for others at Christmas and our turn comes after the event – not sure if spending any money they have left or just time to treat themselves :D

2. Public Holidays: Gee we get quiet, everything shuts down around us and queries drop like nobody’s business.

3: Start of School Year: Traditionally a quiet period for us as well.. My perception is family finances are lower around this time…

4. THE BLOCK (TV SHOW): AWESOME for us.. love it,, people come out of the woodwork and want our furniture… wish they’d do it every 3 months.. although.. i must add, took a slight downturn last event as they sold things directly through there own web site this time around..



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