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martin.firth, post: 207305 wrote:
I just visited your website. “Frighteningly autistic” isn’t an appropriate way to insult someone on your blog. I’m also a web developer in Ellenbrook, and my advice to you is be professional. I’ve doubled my turnover the last three years in a row without needing to insult the disabled, maybe you can too.

Hi, Martin.

I actually worked with disabled people for many years – both in website accessibility and also writing, shooting and directing 25+ documentaries for people here in WA state care (my background is as a filmmaker) so I humbly apologise if I’ve offended you in any way. I often describe myself as autistic, but it’s probably not the right term to use, so thanks for pointing that out. I’ve adjusted the sentence.

Great that you’re doing so well. Tripled your work, eh!? You’ll be employing me next! :)

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. There’s an active web developer forum and, rather than seeing peers as competitive enemies, I believe it’s a great idea to meet and connect to see what kind of synergies or work sharing can result. Most of my work comes from other web development companies in Perth.

All the best.