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3% eh, makes me feel kind of exclusive. Maybe we’re the smart ones?

The big issue with the internet and search in particular, is the mass of data you have to wade through to find anything useful. Twitter is a particularly powerful tool for filtering out the crap and getting a synopsis of what you want.

I would have thought that an audience that has been filtered very selectively towards your content and or personality was a useful resource for some.

I don’t see the need to spend any money, nor a lot of time on a Twitter strategy, any business connections made tend to be a bi-product of sharing common interests or themes and showing some credibility doing it (is this what you marketing guys call “authority”-apparently important).

For the original OP, I would make a couple of suggestions, based on what I follow and read that might assist. He is launching a startup ( don’t know what it is, so I’m winging it), so what I’d do is this (Twitter specific).

Search around the technology your using and find experts to follow.

Find and follow some startup junkies with credibility, Kevin DeWalt is a good start, Dan Norris (off this forum is another), Susan Jones, who lectures in entrepreneurship at Swinburne Uni is yet another. They will lead you to better and better resources and your strategy may become self evident.

My grandmother taught me, that “cream rises”. I think that’s how Twitter works-whether that can be leveraged for business is another thing.