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Sharni M, post: 169684 wrote:
Hi, My name is Sharni and I am currently developing an online plus size clothing site. I am trying to find fashionable good quality clothing for the real woman (sz 14 +) to put on my site and I am amazed by how hard it is to find good wholesalers? I know overseas is the cheap way to go, however I am struggling to find plus size clothing that is actually plus size! Plus translation is causing confusion. I have found some American wholesalers, but with the postage and dollar rate, not working out that cheap. Does anyone know some good wholesalers here in Australia that have plus size fashion wear?
I am situated in Brisbane :)

One site that would give you a good idea what is popular and has a great range is http://www.coldwatercreek.com. I am 14+ and am short so I buy all my pettite size 14+ on that site. They may be able to give you an idea where they source their clothes. Once your up and running I will be your first customer :) I buy from the USA, ship to my parents in the USA and then bring them back to Australia every trip to the USA, as there is almost nothing in petite (short stature) and over 12+ here in Australia.

Tracy in Melbourne