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Sharni M, post: 169800, member: 49691 wrote:
Hi Tim,
Thanks for the advise, definitely a good idea. I am mainly looking at USA as you say – looking at a plus size market def the place to start! I have friends in the plus size industry, plus I am also doing studies here in Australia through fb, and other plus size forums for interests in certain styles of clothing, etc. My main goal is to find Australian suppliers and designers who are interested in making big girls look good! Having fashions for plus size clothes that don’t look like tent dresses and floral disasters… once I have found this I am set!
Cheers again

Dear Sharni,

I read your post after 4 years, what’s a pity.
Hope your business getting well
Wondering whether you are still looking for MFRS/SUPPLIERS?
If so, we would like to contact you.
We are garment manufacturing services from Vietnam.
We offer a garment production manufacturing service for not only bulk order but also good offer for small runs Apparel business.
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+ Manufacture from sketch, size chart/measurement, technical sheet (measurements, materials, color way)
+ Manufacture from real samples.
+ Print services: screen print and sublimation print.

We can manufacture women’s wear and men’s wear: T-shirt, Polo shirt, Blouses, Tops, Tunics, Hoodies, Dresses, Jumpers, Skirts, Bathrobes, Dressing gowns, Home dresses, Nightshirts, Home wear, Pajamas, Lounge wear, Pants, Shorts, Rompers, sets of clothes and many more.
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Kind Regards,
Tran Chinh

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