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eWAY, post: 170278 wrote:
Completely appropriate that he doesn’t know. A director that knows how to do everyone’s job doesn’t know how to do their own!

Agree on the site speed issues though, looks like it’s hosted on a crowded SoftLayer server. The hosts own website loads like a dog!

You should try to upsell them to a service where you do speed optimisation and get them on a better server asap! Then they’ll not only get the clicks but they’ll get conversions as well, I guarantee that slow loading time is costing them $$$’s.

We had some success in hiring some pretty smart arts/law uni students and after a few days of reading about SEO practices they were able to write some really creative content that followed all of the best practices. One of the biggest parts of an SEO campaign is regular, fresh, related content (usually through a blog and especially through guest blogging with backlinks) so if you hired a uni student to smash out 50 articles and then released them once or twice a week this would be a great start!

Heena I’m really surprised that the SEO guys you were paying blamed the content, if they weren’t fixing and writing regular content what were you paying them to do?


Regarding speed, I was curious so I asked my I asked my SEO manager if the client was advised about speed. I was happy to hear they had been.

Heena, I’m also surprised that about your on page SEO not being done as part of the service. To my understanding our own page and off page need to be done in conjunction with each other.