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tim_davies, post: 174582, member: 49072 wrote:
You’re another one making the internet a better place. Love your work Johny.

I’m keen to take the conversation off line with you just to stay in touch. I’ll be starting to interview people for my site in the near future to start rolling out podcast on ‘how to start an import business’; all the juicy details for new importers.

There are a few people on the ground in China and here in Australia that I have on my list to interview, but I’m always looking for others with suitable depth of knowledge. Could be fun…? Its sounds like you have some experieince and insight that my audience would really love.

PM me if you’re interested, or drop me a connect on LinkedIn / Twitter. @_timdavies or au.linkedin.com/in/timdav/. We’ll start the conversation from there.

Hi Tim,
I went to your website only to find the domain is for sale, was definitely disappointed because I got my hopes up thinking I had finally come across someone who genuinely had an interest in providing quality info(I wasn’t expecting a freebie).

What happened between 2013 and now?

Would love to have a chat if you had he time some day.